Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Business lady smothers business man with driving gloves :)

My lovely mistress tries out her new driving gloves (on me). I'm sincerely hoping that she formulates a nice session with these wicked gloves as a central feature!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Yummy catsuit session

It was a very yummy catsuit session, so delicious to be tightly packaged in the wicked catsuit, and with my overknee boots and long gloves... kinky! My slave submitted well. 
Video is at our clips store at clips4sale

Catwoman ready to whip

A good knee to the cock and balls

What do we have here...

Yes, I can take these boots hiking!

Come here!

Gloves go on, the fun begins

cock domination

Examining the results of her domination

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The "Strict Teacher" role-play

We have always enjoyed "strict teacher - bad student" role-playing, and have put many  of  our session video on our clips store !
One of our early sessions, it was so exciting with her dress in severe grey tight pencil skirt, short tight soft leather gloves, and holding a whip. On her feet she wore very fitted stiletto boots.  Her attitude was very "strict", just the way that makes her slave melt.  She was, and is, a true natural dominant. She took control of the slave's body completely with her dominant style and demonstrated that she knows very well how to control a man's cock to her every whim.

This was another amazing session, the first in leather skirt. She used her sexy Ralph Lauren stiletto boots to great effect, teasing and nudging the slave's cock and balls while holding them tightly with the "pulling whip" tied around them, pulling with her leather gloves while whipping him with her flogger.

Someone is very grateful for a beautiful session that sent him flying to heaven.

The Black Leather Teacher has him well in hand. Wearing gorgeous leather from Danier, and leather stiletto boots from Aldo (Monnie). Her tight leather gloves on his shaft wear so heavenly feeling, and she looked irresistable.

A recent domination in which a beautiful diamond bracelet added that haughty touch of class and status so useful for putting a bad student in his place (beneath her, of course!)

She's just freshly milked the bad student's cock, to her amusement

Freshly exploded naked male student by headmistress

Headmistress poses in her new stiletto headmistress shoes. She's about to begin her discipline session on her student.

Examining the product of her discipline, a good load of cum. She likes to be very scientific and see what his sperms are doing. Her hips are amazing in that leather skirt.

"What's this then!"

A very strict teacher

New headmistress shoes from Pegabo


Classy diamond bracelet goes on, the fun is about to begin

Massively teasing the bad student with a leathered ass.

"What's going on in there??"

"I"m going to examine this."

"Going to squirt on my hip? Don't you dare!"

"I love my long leather gloves."

Looking so beautiful in leather and lace

Showing her amazing headmistress strappy heels.

The strict teacher sessions are always so exciting, we can't wait to do more of them!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Latex gloves CFNM fun

Our first post to the Strict Asian Domme blog!  

Well, it was our first experiment with a full "shiny" costume the other night, and we were especially excited to see how the latex gloves fit with the look of her American Apparel skirt and shiny bandeau top.  Eager camera slave had been waiting and dreaming of this moment for a long time. The results were very exciting, and the photographer only maintained his composure for a short time until our cute Asian domme noticed the visible bulge in his pants. Actually we hadn't planned a kink session at all, we were just having a "fashion show" but things spiraled out of control and then she wanted to have some more "control" over that bulge... the resulting video was "explosive", hahaha
The first shining of the gloves with silicone. She loved the sounds that the rubber gloves made as she snapped them on, and then the shine of them as she applied liberal doses of silcone -- oh my -- hard not to notice how amazing they looked!

She loves the look of the skirt with her boots, cincher belt, gloves and top.

Starting to get that "dominant" feeling about her...
Someone is reacting to the touch of her latex gloves

This is the first time we tried out latex gloves and was it fun! Now slave working hard (literally) to post our video of the session to our regular clips4sale and our kinky glovejobs site!

We can't wait to do more fun sessions.  Can you imagine a shiny PVC or Latex catsuit? Shine on!